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Devar Consulting

About Us

At Devar Consulting we always represent the interests of the client. We are a treasury management business that works to save money for businesses as well as manage market and economic risks for our clients. Our field of expertise lies with companies and businesses who import and export.

Devar Consulting was founded over 15 years ago by Gui Béchard. Gui was previously employed by First National Bank and over a number of years gained experience in the trade. He saw that there was an opportunity to help clients save through preferential exchange rates and management of risk and thus Devar Consulting was created.

The Devar Consulting team is made up of highly specialised forex experts who have a passion for the foreign exchange industry, the know how and the intellect to be an asset to your forex dealings. Although we are on excellent terms with the Banks our services are totally independent of them. We receive no benefit at all for placing deals with a particular institution. 

Our Ethos

  • All our transactions are executed with the utmost integrity and honesty.
  • Total transparency. We make sure our clients understand the functions we fulfill as a service provider and the value we can add. This understanding will lead to a level of comfortability which will hopefully lead to a long and successful relationship.
  • To foster and nurture a beneficial long-term relationship that adds value to our clients without a long-term contractual obligation. We are a company that is built on relationships and not contracts.
  • Client confidentiality is non-negotiable. We will never disclose details about your company to other sources.
  • To add value to each client through professional service and expert advice.
  • To help each client make informed decisions through training, understanding risks and pros and cons that relate to their specific situation.

Forex Consulting

Foreign Exchange – Devar has the infrastructure and the expertise to take your forex dealings and currency risk management to the next level. Our aim is to make your life easier.

Financial Consulting

We are passionate about helping businesses understand the forex markets, helping them manage their risks and make choices about what products are available with regards to currency risk management that are advantageous to their import and export cross border transactions.

Risk Management

Whether you know it or not, your business is impacted by forex. What if you had a team of dedicated people with the right expertise and knowledge who actively and effectively managed your risk? Devar Consulting can help you.


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